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Before there was American Horror Story.

Let’s talk television. For a while there, TV shows knew how to bring the chills without all the gore, then came cable, then came the reality TV format and well, let’s just say, there isn’t much that comes on network television that could be considered scary. But man…back in my day…(lol)

Raise your hand if you remember these shows:

All time favorite to this day, The Twilight Zone: 1959 - 1964

Tales from the Darkside: 1983 - 1988

For some good old science-fictiony horror, The X-Files: 1993 - 2018

Mildly horrifying to my young mind, The Prisoner was just unexplained weirdness, lol: 1967 - 1968


Granted, the shows from "back in my day" are a bit dated now (hell, so am I); the special effects are lacking that pop we’ve become so accustomed to, but these were the sleep-stealing shows I had as a youth. The situations, the unexplained (that went unexplained for entire seasons – I’m looking at you X-Files and The Prisoner), and the monsters!

A special nod goes to Dr. Who for the one and only episode (from the new generation episodes) that freaked me out:

Still does if the truth be told...

So what TV...well I guess I should say, what Netflix or other "made for streaming" shows keep you awake at night? Share them below so I can see what the "kids" call scary these days.

As always, sending light and inspiration,


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