• Dana Ellington

Did 2020 Bring You to a Breaking Point?

Yes, that's quite the dramatic title but we know that 2020 was a trying year to say the least.

As I began working out my content plan for this month (year), the idea of 'breaking points' and what drives us to the brink came up repeatedly. The idea that 2020 drove us to our wits ends, but that January could usher in a new beginning was very apparent so my theme for January is New Beginnings: what breaks us apart and how best do we put ourselves back together.

That contemplation had me thinking about my writing and how it serves as a way for me to process the world around me. Often, my lead characters show me how to recover from past traumas, current confusions, and lingering broken hearts.

Because of this connection to my lead characters, it occurred to me to revisit my novel, Breaking Point; the leading lady - Caitlyn Birch - goes through some things to put it mildly and, not to spoil too much, she ends up in intensive therapy. The scenes between her and her therapist provided me with some insight into how I could pull myself back together after such a tumultuous and emotional year.

Over the next few blog posts I'm going to share a few of my favorites and how they might help you begin to move past any discomforts you experienced in 2020.

Then, the last week of the month, I'll be re-releasing my novel...

Do hope you'll stay tuned. :-) Might I suggest subscribing to the site? (click HERE then scroll to the bottom to enter your email address) That way you'll be the first to know when it's time to purchase your copy!

Till next time, sending love and light.


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