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I Was This Close...

Project: Demon Protege

Word Count: 29,579


And with that, NaNoWriMo 2021 comes to a close. What a rush eh?

My heart just wasn't in to giving that last major push to 50K. I got the news just a couple weeks into November that a close family member has a tumor. They're going in for surgery today after which we'll find out if its cancer or not. That threw me for a loop.

On top of the usual worries I have been wrestling with, that news took up a lot of my creative space as I pivoted to putting things into place to provide support during this somewhat uncertain time. I'm also going to be providing physical support during their recovery so I'm going to be traveling.

Enough with the excuses, bottom line is on the days I forced myself to put butt in seat and get some words to page, I have ended this month with a solid draft of 29, 579 words. The story is basically told. All that's left is filling in the blank spots. Oh, and rearranging some of the plot to accommodate a character who decided he was 20 years older than I'd originally written. And that means bringing in an age appropriate character to serve as my leads love interest. Sigh. I love this process, lol.

But yeah, that's how things turned out. I wrote seventeen days out of the month. I ended up with a solid book draft and a new character. I'll continue working on the book through December because that release date is just a short six months away.

Until next time...

Sending light and inspiration,


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