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Pantsing in Action

Yeah, so I plotted out my next 12 months. So what! Doesn't make me a plotter by any stretch of the imagination. Just means I have the important dates, project deadlines, and such already colored into my planner(s).

As a pantser, having all of that down is the equivalent of knowing how I want the story to go. Certainly doesn't mean that's how things will end up. If I've learned anything about myself, it's that the goal is the only constant. How I get there is a whole other beast.

Product shown: Makse Life 6-Month Undated Goal Planner, vertical layout.

To that end, I'm using a daily planner to track my activity. Each day, I'll, at some point write down what I'd like to get done that day. I'll check in with my goals as a reminder of where I want to end up, but will pull that day's forward-moving tasks from the many different, needle-moving tasks I have on my brain that particular day.

Some days I'll have the must-do's, these will be items that are scheduled and or date sensitive such as paying rent or conducting a one-on-one session with a client. Those are the set-in-stone items on the list, everything else I do that day will be whatever whimsical thing I can do to move me closer to accomplishing my goals.

This time of year, we are inundated with experts and gurus selling us the "best" way to do this or that in order to live our "best" lives in the new year. And there are definitely some good tools, tips, tricks, and such out there. I'm showing two such tools in this post. The real trick though, I think, to making any system or suggestion work for me (and possibly you too, especially if you notice conventional ways of doing things don't work well), is to use it how it suits me, not necessarily how it was designed.

In other words, be willing to break with convention and adapt whatever it is to better fit the way you operate in the world. I'm a pantser (click HERE for definition) through and through. I have an idea of where I'd like to end up. How I get there is anyone's guess, including mine, because I'm making decisions in the moment, sometimes based on pure instinct, others on what the voices inside my head tell me to do. I've had the most fun and survived some potentially dangerous experiences all because I leapt first and worried about the landing after my feet hit the ground.

And with that understanding firmly tucked into my bag, I'm packed and ready to head into 2023. I'll see you back here next week when I share where it is I'm trying to go next year and all the different ways you can come with...

So, until then, as always, sending light & inspiration,


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