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Software for Simplicity

Like all my other tools and such, I'm keeping it simple when it comes to the software I use to get things done in my business. So, without further ado...

Customer Service

Customer service is the system I use to communicate to and provide products and content for my customers. This system dictates when certain things happen, like shipping orders or returning phone calls. Aside from using my dot grid notebook and calendar, I utilize the following software to help manage all my customer service related tasks - Ascend by Wix. Ascend offers a full suite of customer service tools via the Wix website platform. All that I need to do is spelled out and in most cases, with just a few clicks and simple data entry, I can schedule phone calls, take appointments, send and respond to email.

Side Note:

There are a couple of other software programs I use when it comes to

content generation that you may find useful.