Hello Diva

Hello Diva

Oh what a tangeled wig we weave, when first we practice to decieve...


Charise never thought she was beautiful. Her father spent a lot of time reminding Charise that she didn't fit the bill because, well, her hair. It wasn't what he considered "good" and therefore, neither was Charise.


So of course, when Charise starts to lose her hair, she resigns herself to a life as a 'permanent ugly duckling'.  That is, until her best friend and hair stylist, Yvette, comes to the resuce with The Perfect Weave.


Finding herself adorned with the tresses she'd always dreamed of, things change in Charise's life, and not necessarily for the better. Read along as she finds out what happens when self-worth, love, and the idea of beauty of built on something so easily removed.


Rated M for mild sex and crude language.