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Welcome to Nowata Press
Publishing & Consulting

Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting is dedicated to bringing non-traditional women's contemporary fiction to readers who crave captivating stories that break the mold. Our novels, novellas, and short story collections are crafted to inspire, entertain, and empower. As an independent author, I pour my heart and soul into every page, creating an immersive experience for my readers. Join me on this literary journey, and let's explore uncharted storytelling territories together.

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Reader Love

I loved it! Dana's writing is incredible, and the story is brilliant, setting the main character Charise and her psychoses up so well.

J Scott

Dana delivers the plot so smoothly. She provides just the right balance between exposition and dialogue. .., the narrative was just enough, and the dialogue was crisp and witty. I’d tear up at times and laugh aloud at others, and such is the nature of life, is it not? Not only did it appeal to my emotions, but also to my senses. Dana's descriptions of setting and sound paint a vivid picture, while her sexy scenes truly awaken any sense that may be napping!

(Dana) strikes a perfect balance in the writing. Not so artful that it distracts or is confusing, but just inventive enough to demonstrate the author's skill and avoid trotting out loads of stale vocabulary.

B. Aldrich

I. Stephen,

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