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Once Upon a Time...

There lived a girl who wanted to become a world renown published author. After many, many, many years of doing what other people thought she should be doing (instead of chasing her dream), she finally took the time to write her first book.


In her pursuit to become published, she collected many rejection slips from agents and publishers alike. Until one day she thought, "there's got to be a better way." She turned to the wonders of the internet and discovered the world of Self-Publishing. In just a few short months, she taught herself how to publish a book and in 2008, finally achieved the first level in her dream, she became a Self-Published Author.


Now over 10 years later, that girl is now a woman with several self-published titles to her name and her own publishing company through which she coaches new writers through their own self-publishing journey. And while she may not be world renown just yet, she's definitely on her way!


Welcome to Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting.

Dana Ellington, MAPW, Owner.


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