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Breaking Point

Breaking Point

SKU: BP2012

Jr. is the only son.  His father’s push for perfection turns Jr.’s coping mechanism into a deadly obsession.


Eddie is used to getting his way with  the ladies, by charm or by force.  But, finding the one woman who seems resistant to his usual tactics forces him to extremes.


Mike, forever the strong, stoic type, became a police officer to be the ‘hero”’ the “knight in shining armor.”  When his sister’s brutal murder remains unsolved, it’s just a matter of time before he starts to unravel.


Caitlyn believed she had everything under control.  This last attempt on her life is the game changer.  Her carefully constructed façade crumbles at her feet, taking her along with it.


These four lives weave together in this single take of what happens when one is taken to the very limits of their control, sometimes there’s just not picking up the pieces once the Breaking Point has been reached.


Rated M / Trigger Warning for descriptions of sexual assault

Novel, 235 Pgs

67,279 Words

Paperback - $9.99

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