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Finding My Niche

Who would have thought...

First semesters at any level of education, are hotbeds of new experiences whether you’ve been in school for years or are just starting out. My first semester in grad school was eye-opening on several levels. Learning grammar skills I most surely missed in my previous years of schooling; being exposed to writers with whom I'd had a nodding acquaintance with over the years reminded me of why I'd fallen in love with the written word in the first place. These were the lessons I needed to learn, the experiences I needed to have.

That first year included a class called Readings for Writers – Chick Lit. I took the class strictly to satisfy my credit requirements as “chick lit” was my least favorite genre of writing. My opinion was based on crappy romance novels I’d come across during junior high school and the rise in popularity of the “chick flick” – movies based on “sappy” novels about women who in the end, always ended up with Prince Charming.

Side Note: this is during the way back times when the patriarchy still had a vice grip on all the things, especially how women were allowed to show up in film, print, and such. While we're still in the chokehold, I can say things have improved greatly in the last 10 years.