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An Unholy Trinity of Writing Obstacles

...And how the Simply Self-Published Course & Coaching Group will help you overcome them.

Writer's block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author is either unable to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown.

And that's just one of many obstacles want-to-be-published writers face on their way to writing their rough draft. I want to share with you the three (3) most common obstacles my clients have shared with me, that they were able to overcome using the Simply Self-Published process and coaching.

Obstacle #1: No idea what to write.

"I've had this idea for a book, but I'm not sure how to bring this idea to life".

The Simply Self-Published course starts with exercises meant to clarify your book idea. Whether it be non-fiction, poetry, a children's storybook, a how-to self-help tome, or a full-on epic fantasy novel, we'll refine that idea and explore how to bring it to fruition in a way that aligns with your vision of your finished book.

Obstacle #2: Imposter Syndrome (using this phrase to satisfy the SEO gods)

"Who am I; no one's going to want to read this book."

Not only does the Simply Self-Published Course & Coaching Group include lessons on how to craft a manuscript that will fit in with any mass-market book out there, but as the title says, you also get a coach who is here to cheer you on. Someone to remind you of your inherent worth, talent, and expertise as you write. You won't be writing alone while your inner critic generates all the self-doubting mind chatter. You'll go through the entire process with a writer's coach whose been at this for 15+ years. I have a lot of tips, tricks, and tools you can use to hush that inner critic and produce a quality book you can be confident about and proud to share with the world.

Obstacle #3: What Happens After the Draft?

"I've written a couple of manuscripts but I don't know what to do now."

The last sessions of the Simply Self-Published Course & Coaching Group are all about what happens after the draft. From where to buy your ISBN to designing a no-to-low-cost book launch and marketing plan. You will finish this course with everything you need to go from blank page to self-published with your first (or next) book.


Got Questions?

Click the pic and book your free consultation. Use coupon code "CONSULT" at checkout.

I'll answer your questions about Simply Self-Published and you can figure out if it's the right thing for you.

Again, click the image to the left, and let's chat.


If you know for sure you're ready to write, then let's get you signed up. Seats to both the online and in-person groups are limited to 15, so don't wait.

To join me at the Crazy Book Lady bookstore in Acworth, GA, click the store logo on the left. That will take you directly to the Eventbrite registration page.

Sessions begin Tuesday, March 7th, at 6 pm, EST.

For the online group, tap that image on the right. Online sessions begin Wednesday, March 1st, at 8 pm EST.


Let me know in the comments if any of the above obstacles resonated with you or if you've experienced any blocks I didn't mention. Always interested in learning what comes between people and their writing goals.

And with that, I'll leave you to enjoy the rest of your day/night. As always, sending light & inspiration,


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