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And just that quickly, Camp comes to a close...

Title: The Other Woman

Word Count: 43,614


Status Update:

Well, almost. Officially there are three whole days left but I wanted to wrap things up here on the blog.

This has been quite the drafting experience as it marks my return to novel length story telling. My first release in six years (see below) was a novella (less than 40K words). The characters didn't have much to talk about and adding to the base draft would have made for a crappy reading experience as far as I was concerned.

The characters in The Other Woman had a bunch more to tell me for sure. In a couple of cases, a character shared a 'behind the scenes' conversation that I'm going to have to cut from the final, but don't have the heart to delete completely.

Which raises a question or two - as a reader, are there times in a book or story you've read where you wanted to know a bit about what was happening in the peripheral of the main story? How would you have liked to see those, 'off camera' scenes? Let me know in the comments, please. Thank you!

I've got to push through and top off these last three days with a little over six thousand words to earn my first Camp NaNo badge. It's been a minute since I've finished a NaNo and really wanted this year to mark my return with a bit of a flourish.

I'll let you know how everything turns out in next month's blog series so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here's the last excerpt from my current work in progress, The Other Woman. Enjoy!

Of all the people she thought would try to talk her out of staying overseas, it was Keith. Surely he wanted her closer, right? Right?!
They were lounging by the hotel pool. She and Keith had made plans for this trip well before the new offer to stay in London had come about. They’d met in Miami. Keith was there doing an install. She’d flown in for a three day love fest. The love part had gone quite well.
Her flight was at a ridiculous time the next morning so they’d opted to keep things mellow. They’d had a nice dinner at the hotel restaurant and were now enjoying the last few rays of sunlight and evening breeze by the hotel's resort style pool.
“What do you think? Should I take it?”, she said, secretly hoping he’d confess his undying love and demand she end this foolishness and come home where they could be together…sort of…for the rest of her life.
“You’ve already been there this long, might as well stick it out and see where it goes.”
She almost dropped her cocktail; her disappointment making her hand weak.

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Until next time...

Sending love & inspiration,


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