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And Since We're On the Subject...

Updated: 6 days ago

Last week I shared my belief in the power of words, particularly in their storytelling form. So this week, I thought I'd take you along as I work on my latest story. It's a little diddy, about...

(lol...couldn't resist.)

Seriously, my latest story it's the tale of a young woman who finds out she isn't what she thought she was and now has to grow into who she is destined to be.

Promise I'll explain later. Right now, I want to talk about where I am in the process of producing my next release.

Simply Self-Published in Progress

I'm on Step Number 4 of my Simply Self-Published process - the first full edit of my newly organized (Step 3) rough draft.

And when I say rough, I mean ROUGH. You see, I'm a pantser which means I didn't write the draft in any semblance of order. There were bits and pieces, fragments and such spread out over handwritten pages in my project notebook; typewritten pages saved in the project folder on my hard drive, countless memos in my phone, and a bajillion sticky notes scattered hither and yon across my desk.

In step 3, I gathered the madness and put it in order using Scrivener (in the comments below, let me know if you want to know how that works).

Once all the words were in Scrivener, I was able to compile them into one document and now, I'm able to read it and begin filling in the plot holes, create smoother transitions, and overall turn that smelly pile of compost that was my draft into rich, fertile soil from which my reader's satisfaction with my story will grow.

Let Me Help You With That

If you find yourself in a similar position and need some help organizing your draft and figuring out the next steps, I got you. Check out my 3-Month coaching package; it's just perfect for the writer that's gotten through the hard part of creating their draft, but now has no idea what to do with the mess (or neatly plotted out and chronologically written draft for you plotters out there).