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And That's a Wrap - I'm 100% in my Business.

So here we are, it's been a week of me spending the majority of my day as a self-published author. And man am I glad I did all that I did to prepare. I talked in my last post the main steps I took as I worked up to my last day on my day gig; this post I want to talk about the less tangible things I did to prepare as I think they helped keep the emotional part of the transition down to manageable levels.

First up - I had to get my mind right. I was getting ready to quit a full time, decently paying job with benefits, a retirement plan and all that jazz. Add in there that I'm a 53 year old Black woman in a country that does not value age, being Black and of the female decision to jump ship into the uncertainty of building a business as a self-published author, sounds out and out crazy. People were going to talk. In order to stop the well-intentioned but negative comments from destroying my confidence and momentum, I needed to shore up why I was doing what I was doing. Que the Zen music...