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Finally, it is done!

You did it. You've written your first book!

Um, if you're uh, done there with the celebrating can we get back to the post now? Thanks.

So yes, you've done it. But where to go from here? Since I'm sharing the Simply Self-Published process with you, here are the next steps I took and recommend:

Buy an ISBN and register your book.

I'm sorry, what's an ISBN you ask? Well...

An ISBN is essentially a product identifier used by publishers, booksellers, libraries, internet retailers and other supply chain participants for ordering, listing, sales records and stock control purposes. The ISBN identifies the registrant as well as the specific title, edition and format.

Definition courtesy of the International ISBN Agency

This 13-digit number marks your book as a product that can be sold anywhere in the world. Sure, you can sell your book yourself without it but this number is needed if you intend to have the book distributed through book sellers such as Barnes & Noble or your local independent book store.

Your book will need an ISBN for each print format, so one for the hardback, a different one for the paperback. Subsequent editions of the book will need one as well, so if you update or change the book in anyway and then reprint it, that update will require a new ISBN. You can buy these numbers individually or in blocks. Go to Bowker Identifier Services to buy your ISBNs and to register your book's copyright.

Get Your Book Formatted for Sale

Whether print, digital, audio or all three, get your manuscript formatted and ready to hit the shelves. Again, I DIY a lot of my own production so I'm able to format my manuscript into print and digital versions by myself. However, there are plenty of service providers out there who will do it for you. I haven't gone the audio book route just yet, but there are services available to do that as well. If you're going the print route, I always recommend the folks at Booklogix. I've been with them since my first book baby was born and recommend them to all of my clients.They've consistently been affordable, provided good quality bound books, and given me excellent customer service. If you choose them, let 'em know I sent you :-).

And lastly, Go forth and Sell!!

Here's where a good marketing plan comes in handy. There are a million ways to market and sell your book; as with everything these days, a quick Google will bring you tons of experts on the subject. If you'd like, I can help you put one together that's specific to the type of book you wrote and authentic to the ways you want to sell it. Marketing is part of the Simply Self-Published method as well. So uh, yeah, if you're interested, click HERE to book your first strategy session.

And that's it. That's the Simply Self-Published process in a nutshell...or rather, in a series of four blog posts. If you still have questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments and I'll be happy to answer them.


But Wait, There's More...

Before you go, if self-publishing really is something you seriously want to do, might as well buy the Simply Self-Published Guide while you're here. Yup, there's a comprehensive, downloadable, guide book designed to take you from blank page to self-published. And guess what, it's only $10. I know, right? Where else are you going to get a proven system to use when it's time to produce your masterpiece, at such a good price?

Just click the "Buy Now" button above - it really is that simple.

Until next time,

sending love & inspiration,


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