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Gather 'Round the Camp Fire

Project Title: The Other Woman

Word Count: 33,131


Behind the Writing:

I started this story in 2014. The main character came to me in the midst of processing a situation I was in. I wasn't "the other woman", exactly but definitely the relationship was complex in how we came to be in each other's lives.

We eventually got married and my writing on this writing overall stalled. Mostly because I didn't want to face the truth my Muse and main character were trying to tell me.

Funny how that works. I have another story that I've been avoiding finishing. It's got a message about my relationship with my dad that I'm not ready to face. But oh well. I can't run from writing anymore than I can run from breathing oxygen. So, like this one, I'm going to eventually have to put on my "big girl panties" and write it out.

Hope you'll join me on the journey by subscribing here to the site and to my YouTube channel. I would appreciate the company. Now, back to the writing. I'll see you here next week for more on my July 2021, Camp NaNo project, The Other Woman.


Favorite Excerpt so far:

So, I'm sitting in my office, working away at a new proposal when my desk phone rings. No big surprise there, that phone has a habit of doing that rather frequently. I answered it and then this happened. "Tonya speaking."
"Yes, um, Tonya Stewart right?"
"That's right. May I help you?"
"Do you know a man, by the name of Richard Hunt?"
"I hate to tell you this, but he's my husband."

Needless to say, my silence was stunned.


Are you participating in Camp NaNo this month? If so, drop your handle in the comments below along with what you're working on.

Until next time...

Sending love & inspiration,


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