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Gettin' @#$% Done!

Finally, here we are to talk daily planning, or rather, DOING! Because all of the previous work is for nothing if I’m not actually DOING what I planned to do.

Daily Doing


  • Plum Paper Planner Daily (Dated, 7x9)

First, I transfer the monthly info from all my planners into the monthly calendar in my daily. I like the redundancy because it keeps events and things fresh in my mind. It also keeps me from having to pull out my entire planner stack to see what’s what for the month.

Next up, I look at the week as I have it planned in my Plum Paper Weekly. Remember, it’s got my known events and such along with my goal actions steps all blocked out for the week. I’ll transfer everything for the week on to the corresponding daily pages and then prop my Daily open to the appropriate day, onto the document stand on my desk. That way it's close at hand and always visible throughout the day.

The End.

Let me know how you’re planning for next year in the comments section below. You can also leave any questions there as well. Then be sure to come back next week as I wrap up this blog series with what I’ve got in store for 2022.

In the meantime, hope your holidays (or holidaze, in my case) are filled with rest, rejuvenation, and love, no matter what / if you celebrate.

Sending light and inspiration,


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