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Happy me.

Welp, as the world crumbles around wait, don't want to start this off on such a down note. Let me try it again...

WHAT IN THE ABSOLUTE F@#$%...nope, nope. That's not the right tone either. Third time's the charm...

Okay, that's better. Yes, friends, it's my birthday today. I wrote this a few days in advance of the big day because I knew I'd be out of the office celebrating. Or at least that was the plan. In light of several things, my desire to 'turn up' as the kids say has been greatly diminished and I am instead, sitting quietly on a nearby beach, trying to wrap my mind around the state of the world.

The majority of my mood is somewhat optimistic and hopeful. That's my default nature in most cases. Consequently, I'm still working on my next book releases, still striving to turn a profit with my business, and all that. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a struggle, but it's a fight I'm willing to take on if it means I continue to get up each day and do what I can to keep evil at bay.

This is after all my 55th trip around the sun and if I've learned anything in all this time, it's that I'm resilient and don't easily give up. I've had this dream to earn a living from my writing and work for myself since I was a kid. And no matter what my circumstances, I always managed to find my way back to pursuing it. Why should the recession, deconstruction of our democracy, and the loss of human rights turn me away now?

Oops, sorry. Trying to keep this upbeat.

If you are at all struggling today (or any day for that matter), I hope these words provide you with some solace. And if you're in need of real help to find your footing, click HERE. You'll find a list of free to low-cost resources that I urge you to use.

As for me, well, I'm going to sit here on this beach and meditate to the sound of the waves. I'm going to write in my journal, and let the words work their magic on me as they have since I came to understand the power of language. I'm going to release this weight, if only for a few hours, and reacquaint myself with my dreams, goals, and purpose.

Feel free to join me...

As always, sending love, light, and inspiration.

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