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"Hey, How's It Goin'?"

Updated: May 22, 2022

Not too bad, thank you for asking. Unlike last month's challenge which lived up to the hype, to say the least, this month bringing Leading Lady Charise Sayles to life (at least her determination to reach her goal) has been fantastic.

Last month, I was fighting through the residual pain of my backstory to learn how to accept and love ALL of me. This month, I've reawakened my passion for writing and the desire to make this working-for-myself deal profitable. Granted, the world is burning in the background but rather than give in to the weight (fear & anxiety) of it all, I'm choosing to lean into the Leading Lady Challenge. Okay, I'm also doing things to be a better world citizen but that's neither here nor there.

Alright, so head up and full speed ahead into doing whatever I can to achieve my dream title of World Renown, Self-Published (makes enough to afford health care, housing, food, AND gas) Author. My efforts are paying off in that I'm finally being invited to do author stuff: