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I Can Show You The World...

I hope so because I'm about to show you the world of writing and self-publishing. Okay, maybe not the "world", more like my little corner of it. Obviously, I don't know EVERYTHING there is to know about writing and self-publishing. But I know enough to help you get you from blank page to self-published in as few as six months in some cases.

Oh, hold on. I've gotten ahead of myself. To get back on track, In this month's series of blog posts, I've been talking about how I plot out my goals as a die-hard Pantser. In this, the last post of 2022, let's take a peek at the only plot points I know for sure will be coming up in 2023.

Did I mention 2023 marks my 15-Year Anniversary as a self-published author and writer's coach?

On with what I have planned....


A Change in Services

Gone are the individual, one-off, services like editing, Beta Reads, and formatting. Instead, I've bundled them into 3-, 6-, or 12-months of weekly one-on-one coaching. Book one or more and you're eligible to receive any combination of:

  • Copy editing,

  • Beta Reads,

  • Book formatting,

  • Help developing a launch strategy,

  • Help developing a no- to low-cost marketing plan, no additional cost. Slots at each level will be limited so I have time to give each client personalized attention. Keep in mind, members of the Nowata Press Guild (fancy name for the email list) get first dibs and can book their packages a week before they're open to the public. Click HERE to join the Guild if you want early access to reservations.

Next, if the 1:1 coaching thing isn't your jam, registration for Simply Self-Published small group coaching opens in February. Workshops are virtual on Wednesday nights, 8 pm EST. And, thanks to my partnership with The Crazy Cat Lady Bookstore in Acworth, GA, an in-person workshop will meet at the bookstore on Tuesdays at 6 pm EST.

Both are limited to 15 participants each.

Once again, Guild members get advanced access, so yeah...might want to go ahead and sign up.

New Year, New Book Releases

On the writing front, I'm set to release my 8th and 9th books in 2023. The first is a fun, little novel about a young lady who...well, check out the "commercial" HERE on my YouTube channel. As for book number 9, I'll be working on that in April, during Camp NaNo, so stay tuned.

Now, About that 15-Year Anniversary

I saved the big news for last. As I mentioned, I'm partnered with The Crazy Book Lady independent bookstore. They've graciously agreed to host my 15-Year Anniversary Celebration!

(couldn't find any suitable Aladdin bad for breaking the theme. it's still Disney tho, so there's that...)

I've got a full itinerary planned complete with author readings, book signings, and the release of a limited edition run of my first seven books. This will be open to the public so be on the lookout for save-the-dates and other anniversary announcements over the next few months.

And really quickly, one last, gentle reminder. Guild membership is free. No spam, no back-to-back sales pitches; just a once-monthly newsletter that includes:

  • early-bird announcements

  • exclusive discounts

  • links to free downloads of the first chapter of new releases

  • other members-only perks.

Your information won't be shared or sold. So, if you're even remotely interested in keeping up with me in 2023, joining the Guild is the way to go.


Alright. That will do it for this month's blog series and this year's blog posts. Thank you so much for spending time here on the site. I appreciate every view, comment, like, and share. Hope you've had a peaceful holiday season and are looking forward to some exciting goals of your own come 2023.

As always, sending light & inspiration. Happy New Year!


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