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I Hate Marketing.

There, I said it.

Current life situations and their emotional fall out have forced an awakening of sorts in my life. This awakening means I'm extremely aware of what doesn't work in my life. I've gone through these awakenings on and off since I was in my twenties so nothing new there with the exception that this one is on a much grander scale because the rest of the world is going through it with me.

My awakenings come with purges of varying types. Sometimes its a closet clean out, other times it's people I recognize as not being in my best interest, then other times its a combination of clothes, material possessions, people and behaviors that simply must go.

This go round, it started with people...well, one person in particular. Then the pandemic settled in and poof, the entirety of my life as I've lived it most of my 53 years in existence MUST GO. What has that got to do with Marketing? Glad you asked.

I paid an ass ton of money for a business course, another ton on a copy writing course, and yet more to buy domain names, set up a website, etc. I got back on (gag) Facebook, started an Instagram account, and will wonders never cease, "launched" a YouTube channel. I was all set to do what the 'experts' and 'gurus' told me I should do in order to succeed in business. And then what happened? I stopped "businessing" and instead fell into business paralysis because my soul knows doing things the way I'm "supposed" to doesn't work for me. It never has. I'm finally going to talk about Marketing. Thanks for sticking around.