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I'm In the Mood for Love!

Self-love that is, because I'm quite single, as in not dating; there isn't a friend offering benefits, and the only other living things in my apartment aren't exactly down for any cuddling. Because they're plants. But wait, I'm thinking of physical lovin'. Love doesn't have to mean smeared lipstick or wrinkled sheets.

And that is where the idea of self-love comes in along with this month's Leading Lady - Mackenzie, the feisty best friend from my second book, Let There Be Life. Mackenzie is single, like me, but unlike me, she has no problem being out and about as a confident woman living life uncoupled.

Not that I'm all that anxious to hop back into the relationship pool but I do have a small issue with

That's me, solo, at a club around my 45th bday.

doing almost everything in my life, alone. "Panini" restrictions aside, I have spent more time alone in the last three years than I ever have in my LIFE!! In what I call my golden decade (aged 35 - 45), I was single to mingle, and mingle I did. Dancing, happy hours, concerts, live music, all done with or without the occasional date / male companions and friends...I was OUT! I was Mackenzie.

And then, I got married. And lost enough of my hair that shaving my head bald was the natural next step. And had menopause turn things up to 11. And gained over 20 pounds. And...and...and. Oh, and there toward the end, right after I separated from my husband, the revolution AND the apocalypse decided they were ready for their close-ups. The part of me that felt at ease in my skin seemed to pack up her toys and go home. She did NOT want to play with me or anyone else anymore.

And that's why I picked Mackenzie for this month's Leading Lady. Yes, going outside, or rather, inside to play is still risky but I'm not getting any younger and there are certain risks I'm willing to take for my peace of mind.

Ooof. I have wandered way off-topic, lol. Real quick, Mackenzie is deeply, wonderfully, powerfully in love with herself. She is good whether she's in or out of a relationship. And I want to spend this entire month loving on myself, by myself...while putting my vaccines, masks, and social distancing skills to the absolute test.

Care to join me? Then grab this month's info sheet and character break down and let's shower ourselves with all the love we can (safely, of course, so put that mask on, okay!).


To meet Mackenzie for yourself, grab a copy of Let There Be Life! Available in paperback, ePub, and Kindle editions right HERE. Paperbacks are in stock and ship within 1 business day of order.

Be sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel (if you haven't already) and follow along as I document this month's challenge.

As always, I send you love and inspiration. Thank you for stopping by!


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