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I'm Too Sexy for My...

I'm showing my age with that title but that's what popped into mind as I sat down to wrap up this first month of my Leading Lady Challenge.

No, I didn't wear this to the grocery store but I could have, lol

In case you're new to the blog, here's a quick bit of backstory. I have challenged myself to bring characters or rather certain traits and such that belong to certain characters from each of the books I've written so far. Click HERE for a fuller description of the challenge.

January, I chose Dominique from the short story The Things We Do For Love, from my erotica collection, Satin Sheet Memoirs, Vol. 1. She is a mature woman for whom experiencing daily, sensual pleasure is one of her top priorities. She has a lot of other beautiful traits, but along with opting for sensual pleasure on a daily basis, I chose to channel her confidence, cool demeanor, and (as best I could), her sense of style.

And let me tell you, it was FUN!! I got moderately dressed up to go to the grocery story...such an improvement over my usual tee shirt, jeans, and sneakers lol. I made and ate really delicious (although not so glamorous) meals. You'd be amazed at how a simple tuna melt can transform into something tantalizing to the taste buds and eyes when you focus on the sensual aspects of it. For example, using artisanal bread and a fancier cheese with an almost gourmet tuna was amazing.

Not my sandwich, but you get the idea ;-)

I slept in silk pajamas, put the super soft sheets on my bed and traded up to a softer set of bath towels. I lounged in silk gowns. I wore my more expensive jewelry...I leveled up in just about every area I could afford in order to live as I envisioned Dominique would. As the month comes to a close, there are quite a few of these level-ups that I will definitely be carrying forward.

I'm excited to see where this challenge takes me in the months to come because I have a bunch of characters like this sprinkled through out my work and some real transformative goals I expect to reach by bringing these characters to life.


In case you are new to the blog, all this year I'm bringing my fiction to life via a series of monthly challenges where I pick a character from the books I've written and incorporate certain of their traits, behaviors, and such into my day to day living. This month, I "played" Dominique from the first book I self-published, Satin Sheet Memoirs, Vol 1. (<---- Click to purchase).

February has a lot going on commercially - there's Valentine's Day, Black History Month, and the

release of my latest book, The Other Woman (more on that in next month's blog posts, but if you really want the inside scoop on this or any of my releases, then scan the code, join the Guild).

So to cover the bases, I'm channeling a character who is a strong example of self-love; I'll be sharing the names of and links to some really talented, Black female business owners and creatives in honor of Black History month, and I'll be dropping little tid-bits of behind the scenes work on The Other Woman, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, to learn more about the challenge, click HERE for a free info sheet that comes with a sample of how I'm meeting the challenge and a blank form for you to use should you have a fictional character in mind you'd like to channel for 30 days.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Be sure to leave any questions or comments below and until next time, sending love and inspiration.


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