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It's That Time of the Month ;-)

Welcome back. Let’s jump right in and talk...

Monthly Planning plans.


First, there’s quarterly planning. Armed with my Core Desired Feelings and the Yearly Goals I designed with the Compass Assessment, I’ll sit down with all my notes, lists, and such and PLAN when I want to reach said goals throughout the year by quarter. All of my desired goal milestones and completion dates will be written into the monthly layouts in the Makse Life Quarterly Companion Notebooks. They house the meat of the Makse Life planning system without a weekly or daily planner layout.

After that, it’s on to planning January 2022. I’ll grab my Writual Tarot planner first. Using it to guide me, I’ll do a Tarot reading for the month. This will act as a guide for my spiritual practices month to month, throughout the year. Once that’s done and recorded, I’ll reach for my Plum Paper. In it, I’ll write out the pertinent information about the month - known due dates for bills, the birthdays that month, any scheduled and confirmed events, appointments, meetings, etc. I’ll add in my desired goal milestones, if any, as well as that month’s planned to-do’s. I’ll copy all of this information to my desk pad calendar that I have hung on my wall next to my computer for easy reference.

And lastly for monthly planning, I’ll be filling out my January budget pages from The Budget by Paycheck boxed set. Not much to say about this one other than I have financial goals and what better way to achieve them than by utilizing a budgeting / saving system. I’ve tried a quite a few in the past but didn’t have an attitude toward money that supported my financial goals. I’m hoping that the combination of my change in mindset, how I earn money, and this system will get me where I want to be financially.

Feel free to leave questions or comments down below. And until next time,

sending light and inspiration.


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