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Keepin' It Simple...Sunshine.

I didn't call my self-publishing process Simply Self-Published for nothing. I like things to be simple - as in uncomplicated. I know 'simple' doesn't always equate to easy, but in most cases, the less confusion there is around what to do, the better.

To that end, the two main tools I use to manage my business systems are some of the simplest on the market - a desk pad calendar and a dot grid notebook. Of course there are a butt ton of pens, stickers, and such but those are accessories to the process; completely optional if you will.

Desk Pad Calendar

I have it hanging on the wall in my work area. I use it for planning, tracking, and motivation.

At the beginning of the year, I go in and highlight all the major events and desired project milestones I want to hit that year. Mind you, I wrote, "desired", as in what I want to have done by that date. This sets up my motivation to get things done in a timely manner.

Of course, life happens and my plans don't always stick to my desired schedule. No stress, at least I have things mapped out and can more easily make adjustments as the months go along.

Dot Grid Notebook

There are so many company's out there that make dot grid notebooks. The few I use and like are:

You can find most of these at any craft, hobby, or stationary store as well as online via the links above.

I use my version of the Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll. That means I plot, plan, take notes, and track my daily to-do's all in the dot grid notebook. Doing this helps me from having an abundance of paper scraps or post its lying around and keeps all the business related info confined to one easily accessed space.

MISCELLANEOUS (in addition to)

Here are the other, more obvious tools that I didn't think needed to be included, but figured I'd list for transparency's sake:

  • laptop

  • cell phone

  • the aforementioned pens, stickers, and such.

By keeping things simple I'm better able to avoid overwhelm and can recover fairly quickly from a bout of procrastination. Keeps me on track with my business budget as well.

Alright, next up, I'll be sharing my business systems so be sure to come back next week. Before you go, feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

Until next time, sending you love and inspiration,


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