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Key Tasks for the Successful Indie Author

Welp, you did it. You quit the day job and are now working for yourself. No annoying boss telling you what to do, when, and how to do it. Screw those mindless meetings and soul-sucking reports you had to put together every Friday. You can take as long as you want for lunch, you can even leave "work" early if you want to. You have the whole day to do whatever you want.


Or at least that's how I felt the Monday after I quit my job. I had done all the pre-planning and visualizations. I had my ideal day written out so I knew that I'd get up at 8 am, spend the next two hours on a carefully crafted morning routine, then at 10 am, I'd settle in to write for a few hours. Next up would be a lovely lunch, then after, perhaps a nap. At 2 pm I'd get back to work doing the business-y tasks that all good business owners must do in order to run a successful gig.

And that's exactly what I did for the first few weeks. With the exception of the nap and afternoons filled with business-y stuff. You see, I had no idea what the business side of my writer's life was going to look like. As the days wore on, I found my afternoons looking more like this...