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Let Me Ask You a Question

Actually want to ask a couple of questions. First up, how often does the thought of writing a book cross your mind? And second, how quickly is that thought followed by a whole bunch of reasons not to? Leave your answers in the comments, then come on back up here and finish reading this post. Thanks.


I self-published my first book in 2008. Technology and the success of self-published authors have made the writing and marketing processes infinitely easier. Nowadays there are a ton of independent publishers, consultants, templates, and such you can access in order to get your manuscript into the hands of readers.

The stigma of being self-published has diminished quite a bit as well, despite certain self-published authors bringing the story quality bar and behavior to unheard-of lows. Thanks to indie authors garnering international attention and building communities of thousands of fans single-handedly, self-published authors are getting opportunities and deals that just weren't offered unless an agent and big-name publishing house were involved.

If you've EVER wanted to toss your name in the arena of self-published success stories, now is a great time to do it. And of course, I have just the thing to get you started.

Registration is NOW OPEN for both the virtual workshop and the new in-person edition being hosted by The Crazy Book Lady Bookstore in Acworth, GA. Here are the details:


  • Meets Wednesdays, 8 pm EST via Google Meet.

  • Sessions meet weekly beginning March 1st thru May 24th

  • Cost: $300


  • Meets Tuesdays, 6 pm EST at The Crazy Book Lady bookstore, 5058 Cherokee St., Acworth, GA 30101

  • Sessions begin March 7th and end May 23rd

  • Cost:

Adults, 25 yrs and older: $300

College Students with valid ID: $150

Young adults, 16 - 18 yrs with valid school ID: $100

Children 12 - 15 yrs are free with paid adult.

All participants will end up with:

  • A complete project outline

  • An individual, tailor-made writing schedule

  • An opportunity to and accountability for completing your full-length (up to 50K) novel draft

  • The complete Simply Self-Published guide to use for future projects

  • Guidance in developing a Book Launch and Marketing Plan

Use this button to register for the online group. Reminder, workshops begin Wednesday, March 1, 8 PM, EST. The link will be sent out that morning to all who are registered.

Click this button if you're in the ATL metro area and want to join the in-person group at The Crazy Book Lady Used Bookstore. Heads up, there are shop cats in attendance - those with allergies or a general aversion to cats may want to join the online group instead.

If you're not sure and want to ask some questions, by all means, book a free consultation.

Use promo code, "CONSULT" at check-out.


If you're still mulling over excuses regarding getting started writing your book, then definitely come back next week when I chat about some of the more common excuses...*ahem* I mean, obstacles new writers come across that block them from living their self-published author dreams.

Until then, sending light & inspiration,


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