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Let's Do It Again, Shall We?

It says "write" there in my bio that I can't remember a time when the written word wasn't a part of my life. I was either nose-deep in a book reading or putting pen to paper in a journal, spilling out short stories and God-awful poetry.

At the age of 12, I wrote, produced, directed, and starred in a play. I was attending a performing arts-based summer camp at the time. My fellow actors and I got a standing ovation for our efforts. At that point, I was hooked in terms of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to make a living from my passion for the power of words.

I'm a year or two away from 12. I've let a lot of real life, other people's expectations, and my limiting beliefs get in between my imagination and a piece of paper. But it was never gone for good. I kept my writing in hobby mode, maintaining a daily journal but not writing any stories and such after that play was produced. That was until 2007 when I decided to make my dream of becoming a published author come true.

I taught myself how to self-publish in 2008; thus, the Simply Self-Published process was born. Last year, I took my signature 90-minute workshop and turned it into the Simply Self-Published Online Course & Coaching Group. My inaugural participants and I spent 12 weeks going through each step in the Simply Self-Published process and drafting our books.

I'm writing all of this to tell you, I'm opening the doors to the program once again, just in time to capitalize on the upcoming, April Camp NaNoWriMo! If you have ever wanted to write a book, enjoy a small group learning experience, and have an hour or so minimum each week that you can dedicate to developing your book project, then this is the program for you.

Registration is NOW OPEN for both the virtual workshop and the new in-person edition being hosted by The Crazy Book Lady Bookstore in Acworth, GA. Here are the details:


  • Meets Wednesdays, 8 pm EST via Google Meet.

  • Sessions begin March 1st and end May 17th

  • Cost: $300


  • Meets Tuesdays, 6 pm EST at The Crazy Book Lady bookstore, 5058 Cherokee St., Acworth, GA 30101

  • Sessions begin March 7th and end May 23rd

  • Cost:

Adults, 25 yrs and older: $300

College Students with valid ID: $150

Young adults, 16 - 18 yrs with valid school ID: $100

Children 12 - 15 yrs are free with paid adult.

All participants will end up with:

  • A complete project outline

  • An individual, tailor-made writing schedule

  • An opportunity to and accountability for completing your full-length (up to 50K) novel draft

  • The complete Simply Self-Published guide to use for future projects

  • Guidance in developing a Book Launch and Marketing Plan


Ready to get your write on this year?

Use this button to register for the online group. Reminder, workshops begin Wednesday, March 1, 8 PM, EST. The link will be sent out that morning to all who are registered.

Click this button if you're in the ATL metro area and want to join the in-person group at The Crazy Book Lady Used Bookstore. Heads up, there are shop cats in attendance - those with allergies or a general aversion to cats may want to join the online group instead.


If you're not sure and want to ask some questions, by all means, book a free consultation.

Use promo code, "CONSULT" at check-out.

And with that, I'm going to end it here. Drop a comment, let me know what you think. Will you be joining me for a round of Simply Self-Published?

As always, sending light & inspiration! Until next time...


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