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Let's Get This Party Started!!

It is June 1st, the first day of my birthday month. And that means, it's time to dance. Click below to listen to my Birthday Playlist on Spotify while you read this post and beyond. It's over 8 hours of music to help you through your day.


Now that I have you grooving to the tunes, let me fill you in on what we'll be doing here on the blog this month. First up...

The June Leading Lady Challenge character is: Alexis Burns from the short story Bullet Proof which is inside the short story collection titled, Aphrodite's Twin (available now). It's an alternative take on Alexis from Let There Be Life (also available now). In Bullet Proof, instead of divorce being the catalyst for her self-growth, it's her training to become an assassin that boosts her self-esteem.

Now, I'm not about to go full on Nikita (La Femme Nikita) or Cataleya (Colombiana), but I am going to reach for my inner bad ass via Alexis' training montage in Bullet Proof.

First up - exercise. It's been more years than I care to count since I had a regular work out routine. It's time to get back in to an old passion of mine and that's weight lifting. Much like any assassin worth their weight in money transfers after a job well done, I need to build back the physical strength that aging and a predominately sedentary life style have eaten away.

Next - target practice. A good assassin has to be able to shoot the wings off a fly at forty paces.

I'm pulling out the crossbow I bought myself for Christmas a couple years back and adding a few minutes of target practice to my daily schedule.

Lastly - if I hit my revenue goal by the end of June, then come July, I'm finally going for my motorcycle riding lessons and license. I've been threatening to do it for years and keep finding excuses to back out. But like Alexis in Bullet Proof, I've got to face my fears and step up my game. For my info on all of my birthday business goals, click HERE.


Stay tuned as I post pics and updates all month showing my progress in the gym and at the range. And aside from taking the motorcycle riding lessons, what other things do you think I should do to celebrate reaching my business goals this month?

Gentle reminder and introduction to those reading this for the first time - my goals are:

  • Sell 55 books (either paperback, digital, or a combination thereof)

  • Make $5,500 in revenue

  • Get to a minimum of 55, engaged, interested people in the Guild

  • Reach a minimum of 55 subscribers on my YouTube channel

As it stands, if I reach the revenue goal by June 30th, then in July, I'm getting my motorcycle license. For the YouTube subscriber goal, if I hit that, then I'll post a video and or go live every day on the channel in July. As for the others, I'm stumped. So again, drop a comment below with your suggestions for what I can do to celebrate hitting the other milestones. Your input is much appreciated.


And that will do it for this post. I can't wait down to see what you come up with for celebrations, lol. As always, thank you for stopping by. Sending you light and inspiration!


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