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Let's Get This Party Started!!

It is June 1st, the first day of my birthday month. And that means, it's time to dance. Click below to listen to my Birthday Playlist on Spotify while you read this post and beyond. It's over 8 hours of music to help you through your day.


Now that I have you grooving to the tunes, let me fill you in on what we'll be doing here on the blog this month. First up...

The June Leading Lady Challenge character is: Alexis Burns from the short story Bullet Proof which is inside the short story collection titled, Aphrodite's Twin (available now). It's an alternative take on Alexis from Let There Be Life (also available now). In Bullet Proof, instead of divorce being the catalyst for her self-growth, it's her training to become an assassin that boosts her self-esteem.