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NaNo Prep in 4 Simple Steps - Step 2

Check out Step 1 - Bulk Up Your Inspiration, by clicking HERE.

Step 2 - Put Flesh on the Bones

In other words, get to know who or what it is you're writing about. Be they persons, places, or things (thoughts, ideas, concepts, theories, etc.), you need to know them as thoroughly as you can. NOT so you can include every single detail, but so you CAN better illustrate or describe what's going on with that noun.

For example - let's say climate change is a 'character' in your book and there's a major rainstorm because of it. You could write several paragraphs in science-speak, detailing this rain storm; the why and how of it. OR, you could describe the way the city looks as the water falls in record-shattering sheets of raindrops. You could write a scene about a group of elderly people who, at their usual Friday night poker game, talk about how the weather has changed over the years. Maybe one of them used to be a weatherman. You can insert what you know about climate change into the dialogue. OR, because you want the reader to reduce their carbon footprint, you talk about the rainstorm's relationship to everyday life using words that the average human can understand. OR, you're writing a children's book and need to explain this situation in ways that the kids will understand.

You must understand the meaning of a word before you can pick a suitable substitution that fits the tone you're going for and that your target audience will understand. The same goes for your characters, concepts, ideas, etc. If you don't know their backstory, you may struggle to show them in your book as relatable, engaging parts of your work. Your readers may find it difficult to care and consequently struggle to keep turning the page.


Step 3 is a lot less, um, gruesome, I promise, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, let me know in the comments if you're doing NaNoWriMo this year. And if so, do you have your book idea in mind? Let's compare notes below.

And with that, I'm off to continue chatting with my characters. Until next time, as always, sending light & inspiration,


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