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New Year, New Everything...

After all that plotting, planning, and what not, I’d like to document some of my plans here on the blog - both for accountability and as a way to entice you to subscribe to the Nowata Press Guild (aka, my business email list) and the Nowata Press YouTube channel so you don’t miss the upcoming goodness I’m bringing in 2022.

Starting with book releases - here’s what to expect to hit the Nowata Press book store in 2022 (please note, all release dates are tentative):

  • The Other Woman - Feb. 15th (if you know, then you know, lol). Loving a married man ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be but it can be an interesting way to learn to love yourself.

  • Demon Protégé - June 19th. Celebrating Father’s Day with “my girl” Victoria as she discovers why her father is trying to kill her. And you thought you had daddy issues? This is the first book in a planned trilogy you're sure to enjoy.

  • If Souls Were Tangible Objects… - June 29th. Time to mark my milestone birthday with the release of my memoir. It’s basically a tribute to the power of words, specifically those that shaped my life up to the point and the words I’m CHOOSING to use to define and guide me from now on.

Blog transformation - this past year has been geared more toward writers and my desire to help them through the Simply Self-Published process. Well, this year, I’m getting back to my life-long desire to become a world renown author, and thus will be posting more of my creative writing in the form of flash fiction, short creative non-fiction, and excerpts from the books I’ll be drafting in 2022.

And lastly, on the “big” screen, the YouTube channel will be less all over the place and more focused on documenting my life as I work to become a world renown author. Think of it as a visual representation of my creative self.

Okay, *Spoiler Alert* - I’m challenging myself to live as if I were one of the leading lady’s from my books each month in 2022. They’re all aspects of me anyway, so I thought it would be fun to bring them to life in the real world. Each month I’ll do a kick off video then follow up with vlogs to show how things are going.

That’s just a bit of what I have planned. I invite you to sign up for the newsletter and subscribe to the channel now so you don’t miss anything. I think 2022 is going to be quite the year for me and I’d love to have some company along the way.

Happy New Year!! Until next time,


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