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Or Perhaps It's Time to Let That @#$% Go.

I've been talking about the coaching packages I rolled out this month. The amount you pay is not meant to represent the level of commitment or skill you have, it's truly to cover the amount of time and resources I'll spend helping you bring your dream to fruition. With that being said, it's still a decent chunk of change and I don't want you to feel you've wasted any of it. So, let's get real for a minute, shall we?

Ask yourself this question:

What am I willing to give up temporarily, postpone, rearrange, and or outright sacrifice to get the writing done?

If you can't come up with a single routine, habit, activity, or vice, then it may be time to let the desire to write a book go. At least for now...

You see, the steps required to go from a blank page to a self-published book are simple. But there is one critical step that seems to catch most people off guard and that's the actual writing. The physical act of putting words to page; of getting that messy, poorly written first, rough draft finished. We can design a beautiful, tailor-made writing schedule, but when it comes to sticking to it? If you're unwilling to ditch your excuses and actually take the time to write, then there's no amount of coaching or money spent that's going to help.

I've been a creative writer since the age of seven. I've been driven to be a published author since I was twelve. I finally took the plunge when I was 41 and I haven't looked back since. When a story needs to be told, I write during all the in-between times - when I'm stopped at red lights, when there's a lull in conversation, when my characters wake me up at o'dark stupid with their incessant chatter. I've never formally designed a writing schedule for myself because I didn't need to. I am driven to write. Not everyone is like that so as I developed my coaching practices, I made sure to include designing a writing schedule with the client that was organic to their current lifestyle. One that minimized distractions, and fit into their day-to-day flow.

For my clients who were driven by their desire to get the story told but weren't sure what to do with that desire, the writing schedule we designed worked well. They found it easy to stick to or adapt as life twisted and turned. They produced their first rough draft in as few as 30 days. I was there to help them through the rougher patches of, "I'm not sure I can do this" but for the most part, they let the story take over during that time and got the draft written.

If you come to this coaching relationship looking for me to have the secret sauce that's going to turn you into a "driven, calculating, writing machine" (extra points if you recognize the movie reference), you're going to be disappointed.

(Yeah, no writing terminators will be created in the making of your book, sorry)

"Meet with me if you want to write..."

I certainly don't want you to spend a lot of coin on a coaching package AND then be disappointed on top of that. Instead, might I suggest, if your wanting to be a published author is still strong within but you're not sure you've got the drive, book a FREE 1:1 strategy session. Let's spend 90 minutes or so talking about what it is you truly want to accomplish by writing a book and if one of the packages is a good fit for you.

Use promo-code, "CONSULT" at checkout.


That's going to do it for this post and this month. If you answered the question above with at least one thing you're willing to do without for at least 30 days, then check out the coaching packages HERE. Let's make 2023 the year you get that book written, shall we?

As always, "I'll Be Back" (for real, you knew that was coming, lol). Until then, sending much light and inspiration. Thanks for stopping by.


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