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Plot Bunnies - They're Everywhere!

I have my writing all planned out for April, July (or June, I can never remember when the second Camp NaNo is held), and November. I know which stories I'm going to focus on getting finished.  All is right with the world. And then this happens.

I am over run with Plot Bunnies.

Plot Bunnies are story ideas that tend to pop up in the thousands as a means of distracting a writer from writing. Typically, my 'bunnies' appear when I'm supposed to be focused on one particular plot idea - I'm all set to write the one story, then when I sit down to do so, a dozen other ideas hop into view.

Over four years ago during a failed Camp NaNo run, I had a bunny appear in the form of a short outline. There were snippets of dialog, a general, very vague idea of who the characters were, but the plot was quite convoluted. As if it were trying to be an Unusual Suspects (OMG, how cool was that movie...the story line / writing?!!) but without the skill to pull it off. So of course, I tabled it. Mind you, it was a big enough distraction that I ended up not finishing that year's NaNo idea.

Years after the idea first popped up, it was time once again to begin NaNo. I was sitting in traffic when that long ago Plot Bunny hopped into view. This time, I got another couple of lines of dialog,

"How does it feel to kill people"

"Why don't you try it and find out?"

Those bits came dragging a title, a book cover, and what could be considered the prologue, the characters' names, and a line from the first chapter.  I got so excited that I abandoned the idea I was going to write and instead prepped to put this story down instead. Guess what happened? November 1st showed up and that particular Bunny hopped right on out of my mind. I missed earning my NaNo badge that year as well.

And here we are, 27 days away from NaNo, and I've had three Bunnies set up residence in the proverbial rabbit warren. All of them seemingly great ideas that would make wonderful novels. And all of them distracting me from what I planned to write.

I'd like to set up a Plot Bunny adoption center where you guys can come and get all these other Plot Bunnies (ideas) out of my head so I can focus on the story at hand.

Oh well, we're 26 days away from the start of NaNoWriMo 2020. Will you be writing anything this year? If you're already a NaNoWriter, let's be buddies. You can find me at NaNo under the name: Satin_Sheet_Diva. Would love to partner up with and support other writers on this year's writing journey.

Going to wrap it up here. Hope you are staying safe, that if you're here in the US and are eligible, that you're registered and have a plan to vote this November 3rd.

Sending love & light,


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