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Productive Procrastination

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

(yes, that's a thing, and it works. trust me)

No book gets written without the author taking the time to put words to page. That's a fact. And many a would-be author spends an exorbitant amount of time doing everything but that; they will clean, scroll through Facebook, binge watch anything, claim to be busy, etc. I myself am guilty of many of these activities, having used several of them to keep me from putting words to page on not one, not two, but FOUR manuscripts I had every intention of releasing in 2016.

I'd hit a slump of sorts in my creative business journey and it left me with writer's block in epic proportions.

While, watching instructional YouTube videos on uh, planning and goal setting, I came across an independent animator who used a sketch book to bring one of his films to life. He'd filled the pages with notes, drawings, bits of dialogue he wanted to include. It went beyond a simple story board, crossing over into scrapbooking and vision board territory. I had a light bulb moment.

And "Build - a - Book" - a way to vision board the entire process of writing and self-publishing a novel, was born. I rushed out to my local hobby store, bought two hardbound sketch books, printed up a few of my handouts from my Simply Self-Published course, and began putting my "Build - a - Book" together. It was while I was sharing it with friends that it dawned on me, that I was still procrastinating. BUT in my defense, I wrote two new pages on that particular book, filling in a couple of major plot holes, got to know my main characters and their motivations way better, and ironed out some quirks in the story's time line. Thus me deeming this process, "Productive Procrastination."


If you're at a stand still on an existing writing project, or have been putting off getting started at all, have I got a tool for you! I'm going to introduce you to my Production Procrastination technique, "Build - a - Book". Through a series of blogs, and maybe live calls, I'm going to walk you through some creative visioning techniques, share some of my course worksheets, and lead a few short writing sessions so you can up the word count in your manuscript.

The series kicks off Monday, February 10th and you've got a couple of different ways to keep up with the posts. First and what may be the easiest, is to join the Nowata Press Guild (click HERE). I'll be sending the posts direct to the Guild members via email the night before they go live on the blog.

If email subscriptions aren't your jam, no stress, just make note in your calendar to pop back here to the blog each day that week. The posts will be up by 9am. I'll be cross posting to my social media as well, but I'm not abut to overload you with all the other places you can find me (aka Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting, LLC) on the interwebs.

Alright loves, that's going to wrap it up for now. I'm excited to see you back here for the Productivity Procrastination blog series.

Until then, sending love & light!


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