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Seven Ways to Leave Your Employer.

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

I did it. I quit my job to dive 100% into my business. I'll spare you the boring details as to how I came to the decision and jump right to last summer, August 2020. It had been a rough so many months for me as I'm sure it was for just about everyone on the planet. I remember sitting at my desk at work and just making up my mind that I didn't want to die having never gone full out for what my I truly wanted in life.

Growing up, I wanted to pursue a number of different careers but the only thing that stuck was that I wanted to write. Novels, stage plays, or movie scripts, I wasn't that particular, just wanted to be known for my writing. I didn't want to work for anyone, I didn't want a fancy corner office in some glass and steel monolith, I wanted a modest villa within walking distance of the ocean where most of the rooms had panoramic views of the water. I wanted to sit on the screened in porch writing for hours while my cats wandered around my feet.

But alas, I fell for the pressure to be part of the crowd and so I got...A JOB. My first one was summer of '82 and I've worked ever since. It hasn't been pretty, it hasn't been rewarding per se - I've been surviving but not thriving in the least. All that to circle back to August 2020 when I decided it was time.