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She's Got The Look!

Self-love never looked so good. Join me as I shop my closet for the 'perfect' outfits that represent Mackenzie in all her self-love glory!

Mackenzie is all about comfort with her confidence so when it came time to pull something together to represent this, I reached for some incredibly soft but thick leggings (or are they jeggings because of the cut and pockets? I have no real knowledge of fashion terms and styles so bear with me), a plain white tee, and I topped it with a hooded pullover. I grabbed a pair of wedge sneakers to top it all off. Mackenzie would love the color and the accent the pink on the sweatshirt provides. The wedge sneaker instead of a plain flat pair gives the look a somewhat unexpected twist which is right up Mackenzie's alley. She likes being a bit outside the box of what other people expect.

Mackenzie is a college-educated, working woman. Consequently, she still has to go into an office seeing as how the world in which she lives hasn't dealt with a pandemic that forced folks to work from home. Seeing as how I haven't worked in a corporate office in over ten years, it was difficult to find anything in my closet that would work. I picture Mackenzie rocking some amazing coordinates and tailored suits. Best I could put together that I think she would approve of was this sweater and skirt combination, with another set of wedged footwear. It's the color combination again more than the actual 'fit - the shoes are color-blocked and provide that unexpected pop to an otherwise bland (if I do say so myself) combination.

Alright, let's party! Sort of. We're just going to ignore the fact that I'm a bit wobbly on the quite high (wedged of course) heels, and instead take a marvel at this little black dress. Mackenzie would definitely throw this on for a night out on the town. It's form-fitting and has a little bit of pizzazz in the form of the gold button detail. It's modest until you get to the fact that it stops just short of full-on scandal; showing so much leg it's almost illegal (lol). The heels, while leaving me as wobbly as a brand new fawn, wouldn't have slowed Mackenzie down not one bit. The gold-dot detail on the upper of the shoes coordinates perfectly with the gold snaps on the dress. A detail that would have caught Mackenzie's eye.


So there you have it. Three looks from my closet that I think Mackenzie would approve of. You know what else she'd approve of, my latest release, a little novel titled The Other Woman.

"Someday my prince will come..." Tonya had held tight to that belief since she'd fallen in love with Keith in middle school. Ever since he left for college, she'd been waiting for him to come back and sweep her off her feet to her happily ever after. Now, here she was twenty years later and when he finally does show up, he's got a wife in tow, leaving her to make a decision. Does she settle for being The Other Woman, or does she take a chance at transforming into a woman capable of creating her own fairy tale ending? Rated PG for language and sexual situations. Novel, 235 Pgs 56,549 Words

Try Before You Buy - Click HERE to get the first five pages as a sneak peek.

Paperbacks are ordered in limited quantities so be sure to buy your copy today!

And that's going to do it for this post. As always, thank you for stopping by. Sending you light and inspiration,


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