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She's Got The Look!

Self-love never looked so good. Join me as I shop my closet for the 'perfect' outfits that represent Mackenzie in all her self-love glory!

Mackenzie is all about comfort with her confidence so when it came time to pull something together to represent this, I reached for some incredibly soft but thick leggings (or are they jeggings because of the cut and pockets? I have no real knowledge of fashion terms and styles so bear with me), a plain white tee, and I topped it with a hooded pullover. I grabbed a pair of wedge sneakers to top it all off. Mackenzie would love the color and the accent the pink on the sweatshirt provides. The wedge sneaker instead of a plain flat pair gives the look a somewhat unexpected twist which is right up Mackenzie's alley. She likes being a bit outside the box of what other people expect.