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So, You've Written a Book, Now What?

Time to talk's Sell It September where I'll be chatting to you about marketing your book(s) and your expertise as a self-published author.

Side note - those of you seeking traditional book deals, you’re marketing efforts are going to go in a different direction. I can offer suggestions sure, but since my zone of genius lies with self-publishing, I’m staying in that lane; all that to say, still read this one but know that the pursuit of a traditional publishing contract takes a slightly different set of actions.

But back to my "new to the fray, self-published warriors". This month, here on the blog and on the YouTube channel I’ll be sharing a few simple ways to market yourself and your books. This will by no means be an exhaustive list nor am I presenting these techniques as if I'm an expert

As we go along, please share any questions, concerns, or marketing experiences you have as they come up. Love to chat and see how you’re doing as you go through the self-publishing process :-).

And with that, the intro to this month's content is complete. Beginning next Wednesday, Sept. 8th, we'll get down to the business of marketing you and your books. And don’t forget, visual editions of these posts are available on the Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting YouTube channel.

Until next time, sending light and inspiration,


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