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Starting to feel a little home sick...

Title: The Other Woman

Word Count: 42,966


Status Update:

I'm at the point in my drafting process when I'm longing for it to be done. Both my Muse and my Characters aren't as forthcoming with the details so the writing slows down and I have to actually THINK about what to words to use, where to take the plot next.

Also, my ADOSS (Attention Deficit...Ohhh, Something Shiny!) kicks in and I want to move on to other, more creative parts of the Simply Self-Published process, like book cover design and formatting (notice I did NOT mention editing).

But alas, it ain't a 'finished' novel draft until I hit that 50K word count minimum, so back to the drafting. I've got a small excerpt for you today. Hope you like it!

“You know what I’m going to say here, right?”
“Of course. How could you not say, ‘why don’t you do them by yourself’. Then I’m supposed to say, ‘I can’t’ or something equally full of shit. The music will then swell, and you’ll ask me out on a date. Next thing you know, you’re showing me all the wonders the city has to offer in a montage of fun and frivolity. At the end of it all, I’ll look into your eyes, we’ll share some romantic, witty conversation, then bam, we’re kissing in the rain.”
Garry looked at Tonya, not quite sure if she was joking or not, “Uh, if this were a rom-com, maybe. But aside from the fact that I’m gay and not interested in kissing women, at all, that’s not even close to what I was going to say. I was going to recommend you join a travel group and take trips with them so you don’t have to be by yourself and aren’t sitting around waiting for some man.”


Oh, and thanks to a slight miscommunication with the printer, my July 18th release has been pushed back (Heavy sigh, but what can you do?). That means you still have time to download your FREE first 5 pages of my new book - Eat Prey Blood.

Coming July 18th!

Scan the code, enter your deets, then get the 1st five pages of the novel FREE to "try before you buy". You'll also be on the list for the advance sale (includes 30% discount), so it's a win, win all the way around.


Now, back to Camp I go. Hope everyone is doing well. And as always,

Sending love & inspiration,


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