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Thank You!

I'll cut right to the chase - thank you to everyone who read and acted on my post requesting help reaching some business goals in time for my birthday. We've got 29 days from the date this post goes live to hit those milestones, but here's where we are so far, thanks to you!

  • Sell 55 books (either paperback, digital, or a combination thereof) - sold 1 ebook

  • Make $5,500 in revenue - earned $503.00

  • Get to a minimum of 55, engaged, interested people in the Guild - 41 total, 38 subscribed

  • Reach a minimum of 55 subscribers on my YouTube channel - 27 subs

We've got plenty of time to make this an amazing birthday month. Here's what I'm doing to get there:

  • Launching a Patreon tier for the Simply Self-Published program. This 3rd tier will provide real-time guidance and support for those wishing to write and self-publish their first book by the end of this year. I will post a monthly activity at the beginning of each month, then use the subsequent weeks to provide coaching as you work the step. And because I'm one to walk the walk, I'll be going live as I work through producing my next release. We start prep work today! So click HERE to join.

  • FREE Workshops - head on over to the Pauline Robinson branch of the Denver Public Library this month for two free Simply Self-Published workshops. Seating is extremely limited and will be on a first-come first-seated basis. Click HERE for more information.

Gentle Reminder - Ways you can help me reach my birthday goals:

  • Take a moment to join the Nowata Press Guild. Guild members get all kinds of benefits, from being able to download the first chapter of each new release for free, to having guaranteed early access to those new releases at a discount, as well as discounted and reserved seating at any in-person events.

  • Subscribe to the YouTube channel. Be nice if you watched a few of the videos as well but just subscribing would be most appreciated.

  • Share the website, blog, and or YouTube channel with any and everyone you think might be interested.

  • If you've read any of my books, posting an honest book review on your social media helps get visibility for my work and thus, helps me find potential customers.

  • Attend a workshop/register for a class. Check out the events page for upcoming opportunities.

  • Buy a book if you haven't already (join the Guild so you can sample those first chapters). The digital versions of my books are $2 and $3 bucks.

  • Book me for your next book-focused event.

  • Hire me to help you bring your book to life. Whether for a one-on-one strategy session or help with editing and formatting, I'm available to coach you through each step of production.


And now, it's time to properly prepare for the birthday turn-up. I do hope you'll join me as we party the entire month of June.

As always, sending love & inspiration!


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