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That Ain't How Beauty Works

Beauty as an Inside Job

Don't stop at doing things to your outsides in hopes they'll “make” you beautiful but be sure to do things to your insides that guarantee you’ll FEEL beautiful. That feeling will carry you much farther than looks alone.

Here are my simple takes on how to amp up that foundation of inner beauty...

1. Drink more water (there’s an ap for that, lol. Example: Water Your Body) – While there is a lot of debate as to how much water you should be drinking, there’s very little about why you SHOULDN’T be drinking those sugary, useless calorie laden beverages the majority of us are fond of. I was a lemonade/ginger-ale mix junkie. There wasn’t a meal that went down my gullet that wasn’t backed up by a serving of the sweet mix. I've since made the conscious decision to honor my body by consuming more water. I'm up to a minimum of 48 ozs daily. I won’t say all of these miraculous things happened to my “look” since the switch, but I will say I FEEL as if I’m doing a massive amount of good for my body, which in turn, makes me FEEL better overall.