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That's the Power of Words

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

(Post title sung to the tune of Huey Lewis & the News, The Power of Love)

What is Writing, Really?

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." For anyone who has been verbally assaulted that old childhood mantra is bullshit. Words hurt. They cut deep and leave scars that remain tender for YEARS!

Words have power and the act of writing them down, as far as I've experienced, creates magic spells that can shape our thoughts and thereby affect our actions. Think of books such as the Bible, Quran, Torah, and other holy writings that to this day, are used to guide believers in their day-to-day activities. Or the speeches that over the years whipped crowds into mobs within minutes of their delivery. Words. Have. Power.

I believe certain types of writing can weave healing spells. Gratitude, travel, daily journaling; poetry, and storytelling all fall under the category of healing writing for me. They're ways to put your emotions on the page so you can more easily process them, and in some cases, let them go.

When I put words to page, I'm not always consciously attempting to deal with my emotions but I find that when I'm done, there's always some phrase or idea that comes through that I needed to read. I firmly believe that my Higher Self / Goddess / God / The Universe / The Ancestors speak to me through my writing. Consequently, I'm healed and better off when the final word is written.

This is Why I Write and Why I Coach Others Through the Process.

I don't believe everyone else has to see writing in the same way as I do in order for it to be a worthwhile pursuit. In fact, I rarely talk about my belief in the magic of the written word at all. But that belief is why I write and why I became a writer's coach. I feel blessed every time a client finishes their project. Whether they go on to self-publish or not, if I've helped them get to "The End", I've done my part to bring more magic into the world.


Let's Make Some Magic

If you're ready to weave some word spells of your own, I'd love to assist via my Simply Self-Published Coaching services. There are three packages to choose from. Depending on your level of comfort, choose one of the following:

Perfect for an experienced writer who needs a partner to help them overcome any blocks or distractions in the writing process.

Ideal for a person familiar with the writing process and wants guidance to get their project finished and ready for sale. *NOTE: this requires a commitment to completing certain steps in 30-day increments.

Recommend this one for anyone brand new to the writing process, who wants or needs time to fully develop and complete their project.

Through the use of 1:1 meetings we will -

  • develop your project idea

  • flesh out any characters and or concepts

  • design a writing schedule that fits around your real life

  • check-in to make sure the writing is getting done

  • devise a no - to low-cost launch/marketing plan

Also included are the following Nowata Press services -

  • Beta Read

  • Copy Edit

  • Book formatting

Not sure which one to choose? I've got you covered with a free consultation.

Use promo-code, "CONSULT" at checkout.


Regardless of why you want to write, I'm here to help you wave your magic wand and get the words onto the page.

As always, thank you for stopping by. Until next time, sending light and inspiration,


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