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Time to Clean Up this Mess...

...of a draft.

If you were able to put your inner critic to bed long enough to write your first draft, this probably sums up how you're feeling right about now looking over your finished draft.

Yeah, it ain't pretty. But let me reassure you, that's okay. You're going to be just fine. Pull out that schedule and see when you have time to edit over the next 30 days. Pantsers, you may need the next 60 days and that's okay. Block out all the available time you have and get to editing.

Pantsers need to start by organizing their draft so the story flows the way they want it to. Here's where I start using Scrivener (software specifically for writers). I'll cut and paste from my Word doc - putting the random bits and pieces I've written in order of how the story flows.

Once the draft is in order, get to work. I recommend reading it aloud and making notes as you go. I usually do this with a print out because I find it hard to see mistakes on the screen. Believe me, I do what I can not to waste paper but this is one instance where I have to sacrifice my eco-standards. I take a traditional red pen and mark the sh** out of that draft. I do re-writes, check punctuation and grammar, all of it.

It ain't easy, but it needs to be done. You'll thank me later.

Uh, yeah, so I'll leave you to it. Don't worry, I'll be back next week to talk about how all this hard work pays off.

Sending love & inspiration,


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