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We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Blogcast...with Covid


The popular saying that I was just recently introduced to is, "it's not a matter of if, but when" in terms of catching the virus. It was definitely a fear of mine, but having gone for two years without so much as a hint of a sniffle, not to mention being vaccinated and mostly isolated, I figured I had at least another year or so before Ms. Rona and I met.

Fast forward to this, my milestone birthday month...the month I decided to put my vaccination to the test (oh, the f'ing irony) because I wanted to be OUT!!; the month I come home and had the most relaxed visit to this city I've had since I moved 16 years ago... I had my biggest sales event and it wasn't even MY event, I was a guest. I had a date! A DATE!! I haven't had one of those in over 10 years!

All of that happens without any drama and then, on the last workday of my trip, I'm scheduled to meet with a potential client-past coworker, and one of my good friends. We're there to celebrate and talk "book babies".