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Week 3 - We're Half Way There!

Hang in there, we're going over the 'hump' this week, it's all downhill from here ;-).

Let's saddle up for our Wednesday Write In. Same as before, check below for a writing prompt and timer. Once you've read the prompt, hit play and get to writing.

Each Wednesday I'll have a new writing prompt and timer you can use to help you focus on getting your word count in for the day. Come back to the posts as often as you need to throughout the month.

For a more interactive session, join me on my YouTube channel where I'll be hosting writing sessions, Thursdays at 11 am, EST. Those will be saved to the channel so you can revisit them as needed.

Alright, enough stalling, let's get to writing. After reading the prompt, get your pen (or fingers on the keyboard/stylus in hand/press record on the voice recorder...etc) and paper ready, then press play on the timer and start writing.

*This week's timer includes music so adjust the volume accordingly*



Fiction - Who are the side characters? Pick one and write a conversation between the main character and this side 'piece'.

Non-Fiction - How do you feel about the topic/theme/idea/activity/etc. that you're writing about? How did it affect you? Write an anecdote to show your reader you relate to their journey and how you benefited from the topic/theme/idea/activity/etc.

Let's Write!


YEAH!! You made it. Along with your word count this week, let me know if you're finding these sessions and prompts helpful. Leave a comment below. My word count, as usual, will be listed below.

Thanks for joining me today. See you back here next Wednesday or tomorrow on my YouTube channel. Until then, as always, sending light and inspiration.


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