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Week at a Glance.

And we’re back to talk about my...

Weekly Planning.


  • Writual Tarot Planner

  • Makse Life Quarterly Companion Notebooks

  • Plum Paper Planner - Weekly Priorities layout

For this, it’s back to my Makse Life. With all the month’s info laid out, I determine and document what my weekly action steps are for the first week in the coming month. I’ll include the time I think it’s going to take to complete each one on the same line. When I’m satisfied with that, I’ll flip open my Plum Paper to the first week in the month and time block my known / confirmed activities. Doing this, I can see what times I have available during the week to do my goal action steps. I got this method from Laken Edwards of Planning With Laken (click HERE for the video). I like this methodology because it stops me from using the excuse, “I don’t have time to…” By getting a real look at just how much time I have, I can schedule my goal action steps accordingly and still have time to veg out when I want to.

Once I’m done there, I’ll use my Writual Planner to do a Tarot reading for the week. It guides me through the process and has space for me to document the reading and to journal my interpretation. If need be, based on what comes through in my journaling, I may tweak my week but for the most part, again, I’m using the Tarot as a spiritual practice to strengthen that aspect of my life.

I want to note here that my Core Desired Feelings that I identified with the Desire Map; how I want to feel is what shapes the goals I chose to strive for and how I go about bringing them to fruition. For example, one of my CDFs is Authentic. I want to show up in everything I do as my whole, AUTHENTIC, true to me, self. Consequently, the goals I’m working toward are those that will help me feel that way. The actions I take to achieve those goals must also trigger that desired feeling. The meditations I do, the prayers I pray, the exercise I pick, the clothes I wear, the words I write and speak…all of it must represent my authentic self. It’s like wearing your values and beliefs on your sleeve, so to speak.

Gentle reminder, you're welcome to ask questions about the Desire Map process in the comments below if you’re confused in any way. I was a Desire Map facilitator at one point and have some more resources on the process I can point you to for clarification.

Up next, my daily process! Until then, sending light and inspiration,


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