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What Had Happened Was...

Registration for the inaugural Simply Self-Published online course and coaching group closed on September 23rd. There are six eager participants from three states across the nation ready to use the Simply Self-Published method and I'm excited to learn more about their individual projects during our first session next week.

I thought I was done. Then this happened -

I was challenged by my business godmother to re-open registration at full price.

For the next six days, Simply Self-Published online course and coaching program is once again, open for registration. There are six spots left and six days to fill them. I'm closing registration for good Tuesday, October 4th and we start work Wednesday, October 5th.

What's the work, you ask? Well, we are going to:

  • complete character/concept sheets - you'll know your characters, concepts, themes, etc. inside and out.

  • make visual notes on settings - imagery so clearly defined, you'll be able to bring them to 'life' on the page with ease

  • complete an entire first, rough draft

  • receive critique notes from other group members in order to transform the draft into the book you envisioned

  • draft a marketing plan and launch calendar

  • link to ISBN and Copyright registration resources,

  • enjoy six one-on-one sessions, and as they say, so much more...

Begin your self-publishing journey with a $200 investment.

I know Simply Self-Published works. It's the process I used to write all seven of my currently available books. I also have three clients who used it to produce a combination of five books, all of them, new to book writing.

(from left to right: Dionne Williams Voss, Artavia Jones, W Owens; memoir, business guide, fiction)

So, I'm asking that you do one of two things - click HERE to register for one of six remaining seats, OR, leave a comment below telling me why you're going to wait another year to write that book you've always wanted to write.

I'm appreciative of whichever you choose! :-).

As always, sending light, inspiration, and donations to help those currently suffering in the wake of the most recent tropical storms and hurricanes.


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