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Whose That Girl?

It's that time in the Challenge when I shop my closet and share with you some looks that I think fit my character. This month is super easy for the most part because Charise Sayles is basically me with a fictional flare. So let's take a quick gander through the wardrobe and see what looks I can come up with.

As the Hair Falls...

I'm going to start with a picture of me back when I had a head full of naturally grown hair. For the majority of my growing, I never had hair longer than what you see in the photo. Clothing choices back in the day were jeans, sneakers, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Any and everything to keep me from standing out in a crowd.

Charise, before the transformation, is much the same.

Basic black - Charise's (and my) version of stealth-wear.

Oh, What a Tangled Wig We Weave...

Unlike Charise, I have not had a desire for, nor access to any high-end, designer wear. Thanks to the power of the internet and editing software, here's how I imagined Charise dressing once she was "blessed" with the power of the weave and a few extra dollars in her bank account:

Hair today, Gone Tomorrow

Without spoiling the story too much, suffice to say, Charise has a 'Come to Jesus meeting' of sorts

Still with the black, but definitely not stealthy.

and when the dust and the hair follicles have settled, she decides to embrace her new, hairless look in a way you may find somewhat familiar. She decides to debut her bald head whilst dressed as one of her characters. I definitely got down with this idea as the character Charise channels is a kick-ass, demon-hunting, diva. I just so happen to have a few items I could toss together for such a look...

A little long-tailed vest overtop a black tank, black jeans, and a pair of goth-styled, chunky boots sets the tone. Toss on the thigh holster bag with chain and stitched detail to carry the essentials, then grab a silver dagger and Katana to complete the look. Ta-da! Full-on demon hunter chic.

Truth be told, this is closer to my chosen style aesthetic than Charise's but I couldn't pass up the chance to pull these pieces out of my closet.


Hello, Diva marked the beginning of me discovering my voice as a writer. When I got done with this book, I more fully understood the purpose of my talent and what types of stories I was meant to write. The main character, Charise, is me coming to grips with losing my hair and embracing my more authentic self.

Channeling her now reminds me to keep the faith and keep pressing toward my goals. It doesn't matter how I look once I reach them!


In case you are new to the blog, all this year I'm bringing my fiction to life via a series of monthly challenges where I pick a character from the books I've written and incorporate certain of their traits, behaviors, and such into my day to day living. For more information, click HERE to download the Challenge info sheet, this month's character profile, and a blank page for you to fill in if you'd like to channel a fictional character of your own.

Also, I wanted to take a minute to mention how ridiculous racism is and how it's being played out during the crisis currently happening in Ukraine. I've come across one agency that is gathering and dispatching resources to the Africans attempting to flee the country LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!! but are finding their avenues of escape closed - Black Women for Black Lives. You can learn more about them and how to donate by clicking HERE. You can read the article in which I found them HERE.

Self-promotion continues all month long, so please check me and Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting, LLC out on all the socials:

Instagram: DEWriteone

Twitter: NowataC

And as I did last week, I invite you to join the Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting Guild. It's a no-pressure, no-spam, space for readers of non-traditional, women's contemporary fiction and writers who are interested in taking the journey to self-publishing. The Guild offers members early-bird shopping opportunities, discounts, reserved seating (masked & vaxed) at in-person events, and freebies throughout the year. It's free and you're under no obligation to buy anything at any time.

As always, I appreciate you stopping by.

Sending love, light, and inspiration,


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