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Wow. Is it December already?

Welp, here we are…last month of the year. It has been a bit….

Am I right? I’m grateful to be here and definitely looking forward to doing things differently in 2022.

To that end, this month I’m going to be writing about the tools I’m using to shape my goals, plans, tasks, and habits (routines / rituals) for 2022. Here we go.

Reflection and Goal Setting

Tools -

I fell out of love with Danielle LaPorte in 2019 for reasons. Wait a minute, I think a better explanation would be, I out grew my need for her and her products in 2019. She was what I ‘needed’ in my 40’s but in my 50’s, I’m a whole different animal.

However, I do still find her Desire Map process to be of some help in reflecting on the year and identifying what changes I want to make in the future. I value the Desire Map because it starts from the inside of me and works outward; in other words, it centers what I want to do around how I WANT TO FEEL. Me. Not what mom expects, or what would make my frienemies feel some type of way. It’s all about what really matters to me and what’s going to me light up. Not to say that living up to mom’s expectations is bad, it just works out better for both of us if I focus on my wants, needs, expectations, and such first. I usually settle in for a weekend with a saved copy of the Desire Map workbook pages, a pen (okay, ALL of my pens), and my journal. I do a little bit of meditating, and a whole lot of writing as I work through the exercises. By the end of things, I typically have a list of four to five Core Desired Feelings that will then guide me through the goal setting process.

I’m new to Makse Life having just discovered them through the planning community late in 2020. I won’t go into their back story in this post but you can click HERE to learn more. I’m taking the Saturday after my Desire Map weekend to complete the Compass Assessment as a way to flesh out my goals for 2022. I like the way the Sierra designed the system because it steps you down from your yearly goals, to monthly and then helps to break those monthly chunks down into weekly action steps you can take. Those also a planner component (and y’all know how much I love a good planner) to it so you can schedule your action steps. I won’t be using the full planner though but stay tuned, I’ll talk more about my planner stack later in this blog series.

For a visual of these two tools, head on over to my YouTube channel, link HERE and subscribe. I’m doing my whole 2022 prep there as well.

What system(s) do you use to plot and plan our your upcoming year? Let me know in the comments.

See you back here next week for what I’m using for my monthly planning.

Until then, sending light & inspiration,


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