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As the fireworks fade...

You haven't written or read a word (outside of social media, anyway) in a long time. You haven't thought about why; you just notice that nagging feeling that something's missing. You used to love reading - spending hours with your nose in a book. And oh, there was that one time you read that awful book that got you to thinking, "How'd this get published? I know I can write better than this..." You kicked around a couple of story ideas, and it felt good.

But now, here you are. A dusty TBR stack by the bed and that book idea that's sat on the back burner for so long it's hardly recognizable.

Do you want a way to re-ignite your desire for the written word? Are you remotely interested in learning and then implementing some tools, tips, and techniques that can help you fit in a few minutes of reading something new AND getting some actual words written on that novel idea despite life's demands and distractions?

If yes, then take the Red Pill. No? Take the Blue.

No stress. You can change your mind and take a different pill next time.

No judgment or pressure. I'm just happy you stopped by and gave my blog a read.

Really appreciate it.


Speaking of reading...currently blessing my eyes with Octavia E. Butler's Wild Seed. This is the first book of hers I've ever read. I'm not really into science fiction, but you can't get away from hearing that she is one of the best to have ever done it. The premise, ancient gods meet and begin to date, thus "changing what it means to be human." Yeah...thinking a wild ride is about to ensue. I'll be back with my thoughts and ratings when I'm done.


As for writing, I've come to the conclusion that the day job is here to stay for at least another sixteen months (yes, I'm counting down, lol). So it's back to handwriting during the day and transcribing on the weekends. With my new schedule, it looks as if I'll be able to finish two drafts over the next two months. To that end, hoping my wrist holds up as I work to bring two new books to life by year's end. Simply Self-Published to the rescue!


Before you go...


That's it for today. See you on Saturday for another little ramble...

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