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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I held you to me with my left arm, hand resting on your back, between your shoulder blades. You draped my shoulders with both your arms. It was the moment before a kiss. Our bodies pressed tightly together, my arousal obvious in the way I couldn’t quite catch my breath. You moved in toward me slowly until our lips were a hair’s breadth apart. I waited with baited breath for the sweet moment our lips would find each other. It was the second they made contact, that I slid the ornately carved, business end of the dagger between your fourth and fifth ribs on the left side. You didn’t feel any pain, the blade was scalpel sharp. The tip penetrated the right ventricle; just a touch lower and I would have missed it altogether, but I’m better than that. I only miss when I want to.

Your heart continued to beat as our kiss deepened. The blood loss was hardly noticeable beneath our passion. But I felt it begin to trickle, warm and thick through the widening slash the dagger was creating. Two inches at its widest, by the time its forward progress was halted by the quillion at the base of the handle. I didn’t break the kiss, instead, I pulled you closer with my left hand. You believed it represented my need for you and in some way, I suppose it did. My need to pull you tighter on the blade, just to be sure. I thought for a moment about slowly turning my wrist but decided I loved you more than that.

I could see your confusion when you opened your eyes, looking into mine which had never closed. I held your gaze as we both tasted the blood finally backing up into your mouth from your chest and lungs. Your heart wouldn’t stop beating the life through your veins. I let it run over my tongue, then over my lips. My blood lust had been satisfied hours before. This was an after dinner drink; sweet, bold.

Your knees weren’t going to hold you up much longer. They were the first of your body’s machinery to succumb to the blood loss. As they folded, I eased us both to the ground, taking my lips from yours just long enough to get you situated on the floor in my arms. I leaned forward as death stole the focus from your eyes. Placing my lips over yours again, I got what I’d come for; your last breath as you whispered my name into my mouth, down into my soul. No climax ever felt as sweet as the taste of your blood cooling on my lips.


19 days 'till Biz+Life Con...have you gotten your ticket yet?

If you're a business owner or looking to start one, the keynotes have owned several companies between them. From starting from scratch, life as a business owner, founder, and CEO to balancing it all (if there's such a thing) while protecting the bag, Julie and Bonnie are sharing it all and answering your burning questions.

Opening Friday, October 21, with Julie Kucinski, Co-Founder of Wile, a Serena Williams Ventures-invested woman-owned wellness company for females over 40 Opening Saturday, October 22, we welcome the new CEO of Energize Colorado, Bonnie Watson,

The women's conference is October 20-21 at The Commons on Champa in downtown Denver. Register today and receive a $39 gift from Wile Women's supplement.

Tickets at While supplies last.

Biz+LifeCon is brought to you by Energize Colorado and SecondActWomen. 21+ event. All humans are welcome.

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Admittedly, this is, I think, the weaker of all this week's micro-fiction entries. What say you? Also, is this really "horror"; what genre would you put this in? Share your thoughts and ideas below.

And in the meantime, be sure you come back tomorrow for more frightful fiction. Sending light and inspiration,


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