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But Don't Just Take My Word for It.

Check out these client profiles.


3 Month - Willmetta Owens

Books to date = 4 since 2016

Amazon: W Owens

When Willmetta showed up to the library for the Simply Self-Published workshop, she had a 30+ thousand-word draft already finished. She came to the workshop to learn what the next steps were to bring her book to fruition. After the workshop, she realized she needed some help fleshing out her draft, getting it formatted, and then getting it printed. Her comfort zone was made up of the "I don't know how's".

We worked together for three months to polish her draft, bringing it to over 50K words; completing three solid rounds of edits, and then formatting the final for upload to the printer. She rounded out her own research with the resources I provided to solidify her knowledge base. When it was all said and done, she went from blank page to self-published in six months, with 3 Months of coaching from me.

She has since taken what she learned and produced her next three books on her own. She's got a growing business as an author, developmental editor, and all-around crafts maven. I'm excited that she's no longer my client, but instead my Sistahs in Self-Publishing partner. We now work together to achieve our writing goals.

Stay tuned, Sistahs in Self-Publishing have a couple of collaborations coming in 2024.

You won't want to miss out!


6 Month - Dionne Williams Voss

Books to date = 2 since 2019

Dionne attended one of my first Simply Self-Published workshops. She had a book idea burning in her but her comfort zone kept that book smoldering for years. She was wrapped in fear and self-doubt around telling such a personal story. She left that initial workshop and we didn't talk about her book for another four years.

Then early in 2019, she reached out. It was time. After our initial discussion, we agreed she wanted to take on the challenge to have her book finished and in her hands in time to honor her late father's birthday. That gave us six months to take the few notes she had and turn them into a beautiful memoir. She needed help establishing a writing practice, editing, formatting, and of course, guidance through the production process.

We successfully held her book release party on her father's birthday that fall and she hasn't looked back.

With that win under her belt, her confidence soared and she went on to produce her second book on her own. I love it when my clients leave the nest so to speak and no longer need me for more than the occasional strategy session here and there.


12 Month - Pending

I recently ran an online Simply Self-Published course. One of the participants is woman who has been diagnosed with several cognitive issues. So her comfort zone has an added layer of neurodivergent obstacles she found that had previously been holding her back. She was convinced that writing a book would be overwhelmingly difficult and so had let many of her book dreams languish.

The format of the online course did prove to be a struggle so we switched her to the 12-month, 1:1 coaching package. Within our first couple of meetings, she'd gotten farther on her book project than she'd ever been. Our sessions gave her the accommodations she needed at a pace she was comfortable with.

As we've gone along, we identified how best she needs to receive coaching, and what modifications needed to be made in order for her to establish a writing practice. With that in place, she's now in the writing phase and I'm here on the sidelines cheering her on and answering questions as they arise. We'll resume our 90-minute coaching sessions as she gets closer to having the draft complete.

Coaching her through the process within a relaxed time frame allows her to have a more pleasurable journey to self-published. She's able to take the time she needs to learn the steps, complete the tasks, and work through any fear or self-doubt that comes up along the way.

I will excitedly talk more about her project the closer we get to her actual release date.


If you're still not sure Simply Self-Published coaching is for you, check out this video of testimonials...

You can also schedule a free consultation by clicking HERE. Use the code CONSULT at checkout.

On the other hand, if you've made up your mind that it's time to write that book and self-publish, then sign up now for any one of the Simply Self-Published 1:1 Coaching Packages.

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